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Potato Storage Sugar & Fry Sample Analysis

Sucrose and glucose analysis and fry testing services are available on-site through the WI Potato & Vegetable Storage Research Facility.  Contact Amber to arrange sample analysis (office 715-249-5961).

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Plant Diagnostics

Plant diagnostic services are not offered at the station.  The University of Wisconsin Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic in Madison offers diagnostic services.  For more information on submitting a sample to the clinic click here.DiagnosticClinic-Web_000

Soil Testing

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers analysis of residential and agricultural soil samples through the Soil Testing Laboratory located in Marshfield.  For further information about sample collection and submission click here.



Insect Diagnostic Lab

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Insect Diagnostic Lab was established in 1978 to provide timely and accurate identification of insects and insect-damaged plant material from around Wisconsin.  Click Here.